New Orleans 4ever - Part I

Oldest chuch in the US
This is my long expectad blog entry. I have to post it in 2 parts, cause after publishing the post 2/3 was gone. I'll make two parts of it, hopefully the posting succeeds this time!
I wanted to post a shortcut video. But I had absolutely not even time to watch my recordings...
Well what shall I say about my trip to New Orleans? It is one of the most exciting cities I've ever been.
It's not surpriseing how many times it was extolled, written about or described it.
My personal highlight was at the second day. It was pretty warm in the good old french quarter. After a sightseeng day by myself I decided to have a break at the banks of the Mississippi. A guy with a guitar sat not far away from me. A skinny mid aged guy on a camp chair. He sang exactly like Bob Dylan, I swear, and I already saw Dylan live years ago. A sparrow scampered around me for already at least 30 mins. I had no food with me only a bottle of Dr. Pepper cola. He came really near so I named him Jack... What a better name for a sparrow as Jack?

The guy with the Dylan voice
Jack Sparrow :D

I really fell in love with the Mississippi 'river'. By the way, Mississippi means big water.
Well the french quarter was amazing. All the music, all the odours of food. I felt like being home. I cannot go out without an MP3 player actually, but I never needed an MP3 player in New Orleans. Especially in the French quarter. I also met a lot great, nice, and freaky people. As usual I get my nicknames in NO too. Most locals wear flipflops or sandals. I was an exotic with my biker boots. I needed shoes I can walk in for hours, and my boots were just perfect. An old shoe blacker saw my boots, and called me boots-lady. He recognised me every time and yelled: Hey boots lady! He was too funny.
Everyone asks you in NO where you come from. Most people thought I'm english.......... Okay one big guy was confident with his idea, and he was very sure I'm Irish. lol
I visited the French quarter three times by day and ones at night. It is a different place at night time. It's kind of like Amsterdam, if someone knows what I mean. You see bars, where you never thougt there was one. A lot peepshows and déshabillé woman. And of course live music in every bar all night and on the streets. The city's alive, and very different to day time.
The food was also delicious! I'm actually not a big seafood fan. I like fish and that's all. But I really had a lot seafood and I really loved it. Loved the Louisiana Crawfish. And believe it or not; and if you know me personal you won't belive it but I had oysters! Was not my favourite, but I actually hardly ever eat Oyster. I refuse Oysters in every situation.
Catfish was my favourite. You really have to try Gambo and Jambalaya! Oh and I loved the gator poo-boy! Yammie!

Artists everywhere
President Lincoln? O.O

Home sweet home
We also went to a swap tour with Captain Jack. No no; not the sparrow. Our tour guys name was Captain Jack. I learned a lot. Even I knew more about aligators or the swamp as most of the people on our boat. Captain Jack showed us his crawfish catch. We had also the pleasure to meet a huge male aligator. And Maggy the gator dame. She was so sweet. And there was this dominant female gator lady. I love the swamps, and in fact if they wouldn't be any mosquitos, and we were lucky enough not to meat them; I really could live in the swamps. What an amazing place.

Maggy. :)
Captain Jack with his Craw Fishes
These are the roots of the tree in the water.